In June 2006, The Northern California Regional Land Trust unveiled its largest project, protecting 4,235 acres of the Llano Seco Rancho in Butte County. This conservation easement provides for 1,870-acres of agricultural production, 1,715-acres of cattle grazing and protects 736 acres of pristine riparian habitat. The Llano Seco Rancho is one of the last remaining intact Mexican Land Grant ranches in California totaling 18,434 acres, located south of Ord Ferry Road and east of the Sacramento River. Approximately three quarters of Llano Seco have some form of protection in place. Placement of this easement will ensure that virtually all of the Llano Seco’s 18,434 acres are protected from development and as a working landscape. Funding for the purchase of the agricultural conservation easement on Llano Seco was provided by the California Wildlife Conservation Board, the California Department of Conservation and the California Department of Fish and Game.

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